St. Augustine

The annual Hoskins family vacation was in St. Augustine, Florida, this year. We missed last year’s since Jill was due at the same time as teh trip. This time everyone made it, but two of the ladies were pregnant, with Anne announcing hers on the first night there.

Grandma made snack packs for her two little girls

On the first day there, the guys chartered a fishing boat for some salt water fishing. On the way out the channel, Rob and Chris climbed to the top deck to get a good view. They did not make it back down before we hit the surf and the boat crew didn’t know they were up there. They spent about an hour of brutal physical punishment hanging onto the rail with both hands. They could barely unclench their hands when we finally stopped. We don’t have any pictures of the fishing, but Jeff won the prize with a huge Wahoo.

Ella’s first seafood (fried Wahoo!)

Ella got an ice cream cake for her first birthday party

Jill getting ready to strap Ella in

Whoops, didn’t have control of Ella’s hands

Or her feet!

Now she really digs in

Shoveling it in

Ella joins the Blue Man Group

The next day we finally get to the beach

Ella playing in the sand

She enjoyed the surf until a big wave knocked her over

She loved pushing the yellow chair around – see the tracks?

Want some sand?

Anna playing in the sand

Crashed out at the beach

Ella’s favorite meal of the week : French bread

Still got the bread during a walk on the beach

Isn’t this how it’s supposed to work?

Chris taking care of the girls

Ella’s first french fry, Grandma’s 1 millionth!

Grandma with her girls

Rob and Anne practicing parenthood

Wiped out again

Ella helps dig a hole in the sand

Jeff buries Ella in the sand

The whole crew on the boardwalk in front of the beach

On the boardwalk with the condo behind

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