Spring 2004

Ella meeting baby for the first time

Pretty interested in the new guy

Hanging out with dad already

Having an alert moment

The first of many moments with grandma

Getting ready to go home

First ride! New Sequia too

Ella greets baby at home

Flowers and gifts from the hospital

Ella wearing a bowl on her head and playing piano in the almost nude. Failry common sight.

Such a ham for the camera

Getting a little sun

Baby’s first bath

Crashing out on mommy

Helping daddy pull tulips

Bye, guys!

Who’s more entertained?

The guys take a short break

Evan and his Zeeba (Ella’s pronunciation)

Helping daddy water the flowers

Evan and mommy getting outside for a little bit

Partners in crime, Ella and Jacob

Ella showing off her play area

Her first bath guest

Getting both kids out for the first time

Ella’s first finger painting

Bending the bouncy seat out of shape

Proud grandma and mom

The whole family

Ella gets to hold baby

Bath time again

Grandma keeping baby happy

Ella fascinated with the chalk that mysteriouly appeared on the driveway

Tiny little guy

Grandma loving every minute of it

Ella holding baby

Baby’s chin

Makes Ella look big

Out for a nap

Must have been a sunny day. I hope.

Washing the car before taking it for a spin

Evan meets Aunt Kim

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