Angelfire 2010

We took a family trip to Angelfire, with us, my parents and my sister, her boyfriend and his daughter in March of 2010.  Ella and Evan did 2 days of ski school.

Lift line at the bottom of the mountain

They had great snow, it was cold, but not really cold and it snowed the first couple of days.  Perfect ski conditions for New Mexico spring break.

Top of the mountain, snowing

Evan on the magic carpet at ski school. We were worried at this point that he might no be liking it

Jill starting down a blue on the backside of the mountain

We all stayed together in a house and cooked for most meals.  After 2 days of ski school, the kids were ready to ski with us. Wow, we’re we surprised. They both were very gung-ho and had enough ability to ski blues, go through the trees and keep up with the adults.

Evan in front of Jill coming down a green road

I learned to ski backwards after growing up on skis and skates, so most of these pictures are taken of live action.

Evan and Jill

Us and my dad

Momma and her ducklings

Evan and Ella going fast

Ella passing me

Everyone (except Keith taking the picture)

Ella following Jill


Both kids’ favorite part of the mountain was “Abominable”, an obstacle course on a narrow groomed tree run.

Ella on Abominable

Evan skiing while dancing to Super Mario music (in his head)

Ella going through trees

Jill in trees

Jill down a black with moguls

Almost down

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