Summer 2004

Evan gets to meet Grandma

Evan and Grandpa

Ella going through her winter clothes

First day of school!

Carrying her backpack to the car

Come on, daddy, let’s go!

Ella gets right into the toys

Her first art project (our fridge is covered now)

Evan’s starting to get some color

Ella riding a horse at the zoo

She could get so close, but never catch them

A little apprehensive, but mostly fearless

The babies were more fun to pet

It poured down rain on us and we had to hide out in a snack area for a while

Julia’s Birthday Party

Water theme!

Ella takes a swing at the pinata

The mad grab after it breaks

All Ella wanted, a jellipop (her word for lollipop)

Trying to crawl up to daddy

He looks tan already

Ella goofing off for the camera

Trying to lift his head up already

Evan having breakfast with Grandpa

Meeting Uncle Jeff, hoping for a fishing buddy

Visiting with Great Grandma

Ella feeding the fish

Ella’s first fireworks – she was not a fan

Helping make pancakes

Sure, of course thats a smile

Grandpa sacking out with the kids

Ella gets to go play at the mall

Evan playing with Grandpa Dan

Evan’s baptism

Still being nice and quiet

Was a perfect angel the whole time

First bath in the sink

Ella has a water day at school and Jill goes to watch

She never did make it down the slide

Mommy, look at me!

Ella was a little obsessive about painting the wall with water

Hard to reach spot

Snack break

Another bath. This time a happy baby

Almost a laugh

Ella and Jacob wanted to get into trouble together

A trip to the zoo with Zach and Jacob

Thats a whole bunch of trouble

Ella getting a big girl haircut

Jacob’s birthday party. Ella hanging out with a new neighbor

More icing, and ice cream. Mmmm.

The whole gang

Evan in a really good mood

Pool and cheerios? It doesn’t get better than that.

Ella loves her float ring. She even holds her legs up


Baby needs a new diaper

Make room for baby, Evan!

Everyone gets a kiss goodnight

Everyone tucked in

Such a happy baby. He’s always like that, right?

Grandma gets more baby time

Of course that’s what this is for

Fading fast. Ella too.

Grandma can’t get enough

Of course the flippers go with the Tiara

Impromptu water party. No swim diapers or suits needed

I know I’m cute

Sliding down the fast slide with daddy

She loves to hang from the rungs by herself

Ice cream and chocolate together? Perfect!

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