Seaworld 2004

In September, Keith’s whole family got together in San Antonio to go to Seaworld. Ella hasn’t seen her cousin Sara recent enough to remember her, so we wanted to get the girls together. Needless to say, they got along great and Ella has talked about Cousin Sara all the time since we returned home. She is looking forward to Thanksgiving when they will get to play together again.

The whole crew headed to the gate on Day 1

All set for a day of fun

The security guard was nice enough to get a shot of everyone together

Ella’s not quite sure about the seal mascot

Rich did a lot of stroller pushing. Bet he’s looking forward to the next trip already

First stop : feed the dolphins

Next we caught a show. The dads and girls sat in the splash zone (we stayed dry, though)

The required shot of Shamu

Grandma and her two girls on the ferris wheel (while the parents headed for the roller coaster)

Ella and Jill take a ride on the paint buckets. Ella liked it at first, but then requested that mommy stop turning the wheel

Keith, Jaye and the two girls try the monkey drop

The girls love it

An “all-day” lollipop. I think it’s still in the freezer now.

Practicing for the log ride. No one got pictures of the actual ride, they were too busy putting quarters in the machines that sprayed us as we went by

We head to our final event of the day : the comedy show with seals, a walrus and an otter. But the kids are pretty wiped out and are far more interested in the cotton candy.

Cousin Matthew tries his first cotton candy – and loves it, of course

Uncle Rich and Aunt Kim take care of the girls while they stuff their faces

On day 2, Kim and Rich head out for a game of golf while the rest of us go back for more Seaworld. First stop is the dolphin feeding again, but this time we get several trays of fish and let the girls go nuts.

Evan thinks about sneaking a bite of fish

The dolphins quickly figure out that the girls will throw fish as fast as they can

The boys take a much needed break

This time the girls go on the log ride with Grandma and Grandpa

Ella had so much fun she continues to talk about log rides all the time

Only Sara takes a second ride with the grandparents

We went to see Shamu one more time before leaving. Grandma gets a little bonding time with Evan

We had a great time at Seaworld and Ella talks about it all the time. We’re all looking forward to more family get togethers in the future.

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