Thanksgiving 2004

We had thanksgiving day at our house this year, with a bunch of Cremers and Waites coming in for a couple of days.

Grandma entertains Evan

Keith’s turkey and Jill’s gravy

The kids’ table

After turkey, Jill puts everyone to work

Papa gets to watch Evan

Desert at the kids’ table. Chocolate cream pie and coconut cream pie

Everyone packed up and headed to Jeff City for great grandma’s birthday party

Ella plays with her dad’s cousin’s kids. Which makes them second cousins, right?

Does he like the hat, or just tolerate it?

Ella and Sara tearing the place up

Evan, Ella, Matthew and Sara. It will be years before all 4 cooperate and get in a picture together again

Kim with her hands full

Ella displaying her amazing ability to survive on desert alone

Chelsea and Evan playing

I bet no one made a mess at all

Kids are starting to wear down

The whole Whitaker clan. Doesn’t Ella look happy?

Ella loved this game with Jaye

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